Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Take My Child's Hand and Footprints?

As soon as an order is placed, Touch on Silver will send out the non-toxic, mess free wipe and sensitised paper with full instructions of how to take the hand and footprints. If you are having difficulty we are at the end of a phone to give you any help.

How Long Will My Order Take?

We like to allow 21 days, but as soon as you return the completed prints we commission the piece and allow up to 14 days from receipt of prints. However, if there is a deadline to be met, make this request when ordering. We do our best to accommodate urgent orders.

Can I buy Silver Fingerprint Jewellery On-line?

We can take Silver Fingerprint Jewellery orders on-line, however you will have to make a special request and on the drop-down menu choose a handprint, but inform us that it is a fingerprint you would like. This ensures that we send you the correct materials for taking the fingerprints. The prices for the relevant jewellery and charms are the same. 

How Do I Take My Pet's Paw Print?

This is done the same way as the children's prints. We will send out the necessary materials with a stamped addressed envelope for a quick return and the rest is left to us.

Will my jewellery come in a box ready for giftwrap?

Yes! All our jewellery comes in a window box, which allows you to display your purchase or a black lacquered wooden box to keep your memento safe and secure.

Can you make charms from prints already on paper?

Yes we can. Sadly when people lose their babies and children, or Loved Ones, hospital staff often take their hand and footprints as a keepsake. Undertakers are also willing to assist where necessary. These prints can often be turned into keepsake charms for mum and dad, when they feel ready to commemorate their precious loved one and create a lasting memento.

Can I make payments on-line?

Yes you can. We now have the facility for you to choose to make payments through RBS Worldpay or Paypal, even if you do not have a Paypal account you can use your Debit or Credit cards.

Can I make a payment over the telephone using my Credit Card?

Yes you may. Again we use RBS Worldpay via a virtual terminal.

If I have a charm for Christmas, do I need to re-do the Handprint if I want another gift for Mothers Day?

Not really. Once we have the hand and foot prints we can use these over again, unless you would like to update them. They don't really change much during at least a 12 month period.

If I have an idea for a Gift that you do not supply, can you take a Special Order from me?

Yes we certainly can. We think we have come up with many ideas, however you may have other thoughts. Let us know what they are and we can look at what you propose and let you know if we can make it or not. Chances are we can. We always welcome new ideas!

When I have successfully got the prints what do I do with them?

When we send out the materials for the prints we enclose a stamped addressed envelope for you to return to us.

Will Touch on Silver come to my house to help me get my children's prints and even more so help me take my dog's paw print?

Touch on Silver want to provide a very personal service and like to help their customers get the best prints possible. Therefore, if you live locally to us, we would love to come and see you or if it is more convenient, you can visit us, along with the children and pets. Just give us a call and we can arrange a day convenient to all.

As you send the jewellery Special Delivery and I am not in to sign, what can I do?

Not to worry, if you work let us have your work address, however if this is not feasible, Royal Mail will leave a card informing you that they have attempted to deliver to you. This will mean that you have to go to your local sorting office to collect the package.

How can I get my Child's Drawing to you?

There are several ways you can do this, either a) pop it in the post, (they are alway returned to you with the finished item), or b) if you have access to a computer and scanner, then scan it and email it across to us. Option b) saves some time and avoids the risk of loss or damage in the post.

What if my child's drawing is painted?

The best drawings to send are the simplest line drawings, however why not send us the drawing or email it to us and we will give you an honest opinion as to whether we can transfer the painting into a silver charm

Are the charms hallmarked?

No the charms are not hallmarked and do not have to be by law if they weigh under 7.78 grams. As all our charms are under this weight we do not have them hallmarked as a cost is incurred and this would have to be passed on to you the customer. There would also be a time delay in posting the jewellery to you. However all accessories (except the Spine Bookmark) are 92.5% silver and are hallmarked 925 accordingly.

Are all the Accessories silver?

All accessories are 92.5% silver (sterling silver), whilst our charms are 99.9% silver. The only Accessories that are not sterling silver are the Spine Bookmark, which is silver plated as we found the sterling silver bookmarks are too soft and prone to distortion. and split key ring which is quality stainless steel,

Are you able to take any bespoke jewellery orders?

We are always open to ideas and suggestions and even try to design pieces of jewellery. We will let you know whether what you would like or suggest is possible to do. If we don't feel that we can provide you with a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery then we will be honest with you and decline the opportunity.

What if I do not place my order in time for a gift due in a few days?

Absolutely no problem - as long as we have a couple of days for postage allowance you can order our Gift Package. Enclosed is a Product Certificate in silver envelope, a photo of the gift and a note of what we do. We also enclose all the necessary materials, order form and envelope, together with a Gift Bag. Simply order by going to the relevant Product page and enter Gift Package in your address box. You can then help the recipient take the prints!