Personalised Handprint, Footprint and Pawprint Jewellery from Touch on Silver, UK

Create a Lasting Impression

Individually handmade personalised jewellery - have the handprints and footprints of your loved ones, including your pets, miniaturised and embedded in pure silver to treasure forever in a unique piece of personalised silver jewellery! We can either provide the necessary materials to capture the personalised prints or if you have handprints already, let us use those.

'There used to be so many of my prints for you to see on furniture and walls and things from sticky, grubby me. But if you stop and think awhile you'll see I'm growing fast these little moments disappear you can't bring back the past.
So here's a small reminder to keep, not throw away Of tiny prints and how they looked to make you smile someday'

Personalised charms

Individual charms are the ideal gift for both people that are just starting to build their charm collection to those that have got the room for another. Our charms are fine silver (99.9%) and come in various sizes and shapes to suit the bracelet or necklace style. There is also a choice of fixings available so all you need to think about is how you want to personalise your jewellery.

Personalised keyrings

Remind someone every day how much they mean to them with a custom message or image on their keyring with a selection of fobs to choose from.

Personalised necklaces and pendants

Our sterling silver necklaces come with small or large pendants or you can just buy a pendant on its own. All pendants can be customised by you with a personal message or print.

Ideas for him and her

If you’re stuck on ideas for the type of jewellery or type of message to put on it, take a look at our ideas for him and her pages for some inspiration. Perfect for everyone in the family or friends.

Our amazing range of jewellery will forever capture the fingerprint, handprint, footprint or paw print from your favourite person or beloved pet.